The TouchLynk™


Using game film, TouchLynk™ breaks down video and generates OBJECTIVE data and insights. It presents that information in a flexible, fun, and SIMPLE way, resulting in the greatest OPPORTUNITY for athletes and those around them.


“If you can’t measure it, you can’t improve it.” Objective insights into the youth athlete’s skills and athletic performance are the foundation of their transformation. Game film and the coaches’ eyes are the foundation of development and success. Customizable TouchLynk™ objective data and insights are game-changing and built on that foundation. 

Objectivity for parents and their athletes to make sports decisions together. Objectivity for coaches to aid their ability to improve player performance and communicate to parents. Objectivity for evaluators in their search for talent.


TouchLynk™ delivers a simple end-to-end cohesive system of athlete and team evaluation, organization, and skill enhancement opportunities. No wearables or extra training are needed; simply upload a standard game video.

TouchLynk™ is built around game film data and highlights. They are linked to both the athlete and the team, rich in actionable insights. The TouchLynk™ system of tools and resources is fun, easy to access, and effortlessly customizable. You get to decide precisely what you and the team need, not us.


The TouchLynk™ system unlocks new, previously inaccessible and unknown athletic opportunities. Game highlights, athlete stats & insights for single games and trended over multiple consecutive games, integrated Individual Development Plans (IDPs), a mental component, and the athlete’s individual Player Performance Rating (PPR) number. These are a handful of tools we focus on to help youth athletes be the best players they can be, playing on the best teams they can play on.

The athlete’s PPR and game insights are unique to them. They can pinpoint where improvement can happen and customize training plans using their PPR score. Parents can enhance their understanding and engagement in their child’s athletic journey. Coaches can build their best team and be supported in their external conversations. Teams can gain an advantage in quickly understanding and implementing game footage insights. Evaluators, teams, and universities can access a consistent and never-before consolidated collection of athletes.