Imagine having the power to enhance your team’s development, cut your workload, and maximize performance all at your fingertips. Plus, who wouldn’t enjoy having their spectacular goal or amazing save highlighted for all to see?

Such a game-changer.

We’d love to show you how TouchLynk can revolutionize your game strategy.


We want to show you how TouchLynk will help — club, coaches, players and parents. Ten minutes can be the game-changer you never knew you needed!

How it works

Record the Game

Record the game with a 4k smartphone or 4k Camera and try to use the recommended guidelines below.

The Right Equipment

Invest in up-to-date equipment like a high definition (HD) 4k smartphone, camera, or newer iPad for reliable recording and high-quality video.

Use an 8 ft tripod minimum; the taller, the better, so you have a stable, smooth stream when recording and reviewing video. No one wants to watch an entire match of shaky video.

Other Recording Tips

Focus on recording jersey numbers to help with tagging shots and assists.

Make sure you record your entire match. Video that’s missing a portion of the game or is out of order can’t be broken down by our analysts.

Submit the Game

Submit the game in the mobile app or upload the saved video on your computer directly to our web portal.

Let us Process the Game in our Data Center

The game event analysis will be readily available within about two business days on the GG8 TouchLynk™ website.