GG8 TouchLynk

GG8 TouchLynk is a sports analytics business created to provide statistical analysis to all athletes of all ages at an affordable price. We are located in the metro Detroit area and have been in business since 2012. The company was founded to help athletes achieve peak performance levels and provide coaches with immediate feedback of game analysis. We are looking to change the sports analytics sector by allowing coaches and athletes to review, analyze, and share video game footage seamlessly. Our company provides benchmark analysis to the masses while allowing friends and family to stay connected.

How is your touch?

GG8 TouchLynk Provides benchmark visuals that allow the user to quickly filter for specific instances and view game footage.

GG8 TouchLynk can be used by all soccer athletes and coaches of all ages.

GG8 TouchLynk captures important data points to create elite visual dashboards for the entire team.

Our Best Propositions for You!

GG8 TouchLynk is an innovative way to help athletes succeed. We provide analytics for all aspects of your game and create a package easily shared with college/professional coaches. Whether you are a coach looking to keep track of a team’s overall success throughout the season, or an individual creating a portfolio to submit as a recruiting tool, let GG8 TouchLynk lead the way.

Your professional dashboard awaits!

Awesome Features

User will be allowed to select multiple stats on Dashboard by simply clicking ctrl + Stat.

The dashboard will filter as specified

Once user is done identifying the specific instances on the dashboard continue to click the “View Highlight” button.

This will generate a Highlight Reel based off the selected stats.

User will be able to share and download. Try it Below!

Goals Stats Dashboard

Team Stats Dashboard

How it Works

Record the Game

Record the game with a 4k smartphone or 4k Camera and try to use the recommended guidelines below.

The Right Equipment

Invest in up-to-date equipment like a high definition (HD) 4k smartphone, camera, or newer iPad for reliable recording and high-quality video.

Use a 8 ft tripod minimum, the taller the better, so you have a stable, smooth stream when recording and reviewing video. No one wants to watch an entire match of shaky video.

How to Record

Record from the middle of the field to get the best view possible. (Look for stands or other high points if possible, point camera away from sunlight if possible)

Limit potential obstructions to the camera such as fans, equipment, etc.

Don’t zoom too closely or ball watch so you miss what’s happening on the rest of the field. Record all players involved in the possession.

Hold the iPad/Smart Phone/ or HD 4k Camera in landscape mode for best results.

Other Recording Tips

Focus on recording jersey numbers to help with tagging shots and assists.

Make sure you record your entire match. Video that’s missing a portion of the game or is out of order can’t be broken down by our analysts.

Submit the game

Submit the game in the mobile app or upload the saved video on your computer directly to our web portal.

Let us do the rest

The full analysis will be readily available on the GG8 TouchLynk website within 5 business days.









App Overview


Gold Plan


30 Games Included Per Team

Valid For 12 Months

Silver Plan


15 Games Included Per Team

Valid For 12 Months

Bronze Plan


1 Game Included Per Team

Valid For 12 Months

“ GG8 TouchLynk is excellent. They take the time to learn about customer needs and put their skill to work. He was open to hearing what I was looking for, and doing everything in his power to make it happen. The dashboards are great and so easy to use. Very satisfied. Highly recommend.”


Dec 2018

“ I never imagined utilizing these types of tools for my team. I coach a highschool soccer team. The benefits are great. The team is able to dissect film and understand how to put the practices shown on film in to the game. Excellent Product”


June 2019